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“You didn’t win seven gold balls”; Lavezzi challenge to Messi in 2016

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Lionel Messi Established herself as First Ballon d’Or winner After adding your seventh prize, transcendent pur 2 a Cristiano Ronaldo and for 6 a Luka Modric, winners who are still active. In 2016 Pocho Lavese challenged the Argentine to achieve this feat, Something he might have thought impossible, but he had already achieved.

right Now Footballer subordinate Paris Saint-Germain has been preserved andAt the highest level in football in the world For over 10 years, something very few people have said Cristiano Ronaldo. This fact gave him 7 gold medals and Lavezzi was defeated in a challenge he launched 5 years ago.

Lavezzi and Messi Challenge 2016

5 years ago when Lionel Messi was getting Fifth Ballon d’Or, Ezequiel Lavezzi send him The ’30’ challenge from Paris Saint-GermainWhere I just expected I got 7 medals The France Football channel and where I thought would be too complicated.

at that time and to dispute what was with Cristiano Ronaldo, it was believed thatAnd this fact will take longer, Well, despite his dominance, it wasn’t easy at all, but now they’ve made it.

“Congratulations to Liu on the fifth Ballon d’Or! Don’t you dare win 7 haha #Messi,” Lavezzi wrote on Twitter.

After verifying the file messi victory, tens of users employment Social networks revived this tweet Del Pocho, where they told him so “There are no impossibilities for goats”, Making her look like a “clown” (from an emoji) and spelling it out “There is only one legend.”

Lavizzyaccept it Messi outdone himself and He reasserted himself as one of the best, Send a new greeting To get the seventh golden ball, causing multiple reactions.

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Despite this surmounted challenge, Messi victory was a littleopaque‘ by controversy, where many fans believe that there is a “theft” because of Robert Lewandowski deserves it, more if you remember that the 2020 ceremony did not take place.

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