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Yoga tab 11 y Yoga tab 13

Laptops are essential to accompany us today, but it can’t be denied Tablets are here to stay And making life less stressful when it comes to work and leisure at our fingertips, that’s why we appreciate when you tick Lenovo Understand this.

New Lenovo Tablets

The Chinese tech company hasn’t stopped innovating and by that we mean yes, there are new products on the doorstep and they are all about Yoga 11 tablets and Yoga Tab 13 Which combines the technology we want and need so much, with the creativity and strength of the brand.

Yoga Tab 13

As much as we say technology is the most important, and that’s right, we’ve also picked devices that look good and the Yoga Tab 13 is Very powerful and elegant. has a screen 13 inch LCD multi-touch screen With a resolution of 2160 x 1350 pixels and 400 nits, and if you need more screen, you can connect it to a monitor thanks Micro-HDMI port.

And the sound not to mention the technology Dolby Vision and HDR, along with the stereo sound quality of Dolby Atmos They make it ideal for listening to music, watching video, and also for being in a meeting, writing or designing. And speaking of panels, the 8MP camera offers sharp resolution.

Go inside, the RAM 8 GB, You have 128 GB of internal storage30W fast charging battery and of course Android 11 operating system.

Yoga Tab 11

Now let’s talk about the Yoga Tab 11, which despite being more compact, is still powerful. your screen The 11 inch LCD screen eliminates blue light so it doesn’t hurt your vision.

In addition, it has high-resolution Dolby Atmos sound that is produced through it Four JBL Speakers So that watching a movie, a concert or making a video call is a great experience, complemented by an 8MP rear camera and a front camera with autofocus and fixed respectively.

yoga tab 11 when MediaTek Helio G90T processor, 4 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal storage. The operating system is also Android 11 and is available with optional LTE connectivity.

These tablets are designed to adapt to the use you decide to give it to, whether it’s a family gadget and can entertain kids for a while or help them with errands, gamers around the house or those who need a practical option to carry their work wherever they go.

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