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Xavi lights up the new Barcelona that shows its old problems

Barcelona – Xavi Hernandez made his Barcelona coach debut in the derby against Espanyol, just as Johan Cruyff did 33 years ago, in 1988.

At that time, FC Barcelona won 2-0 (Begiristain and Robert) and settled on a much stronger victory (Memphis Depay Penalty kick and damaged, begging for the end of the game that put him in the last minutes very difficult.

Barcelona is new in many aspects but old in others. The new coach had already warned on the first day that having open ends among his commandments would be non-negotiable, and drew attention by declaring the need to return to the core of Barcelona’s best and called for better pressure, push back, increase composition and give prominence to midfielders. Everything, or almost everything, is in order.

But with a resounding impotence: This team lacks purpose. This is very endemic since March Lionel Messi Dramatic in the present and the near future, where it is at least doubtful that it can be resolved. It is not known, but there is doubt, whether it could be with the pieces that Xavi owned in the locker room.

His presentation showed that Barcelona are the most youthful team in memory. As many as eight players from La Masia were part of the starting eleven, a circumstance that we haven’t seen in recent years and that was a declaration of intent. Taking the game to the discoveries of Ronald Koeman, Oscar Mengueza, dry and Nico González) and gave birth to a newbie with Elias Akhmash. It’s all packed with indisputable DNA to make the photo easier, or at least bearable.

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There was a missing target and there was a lot of suffering in the premiere. He especially suffers in the last stage that Barcelona’s defense, whoever plays, is still a very weak streak, and that when he meticulously followed the orders of his coach advancing into the midfield, he kept his composure, but once he cheered. It caused many fears for Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

But if defense is a problem, attack is a stream. Without Messi, Barcelona has lost the power of achievement and the power of intimidation. His goals are largely missing because if Raul de Tomas, brilliant in his performance on Saturday and unlucky in the shot, had come to the victory, he would have evaporated.

If Johan Cruyff said it was a 5-4 win more than a 1-0 win, it was also a call to get those chances…and personify them. If Barcelona don’t forgive too much in attack, they won’t end up suffering in this way and Xavi can already be an ideal coach that if he doesn’t find a crucial scorer, the season will continue to be a problematic journey.

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