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With seven players, ‘Pulillo’ Gomez started working for the Honduran national team thinking about Panama and Costa Rica – Diez

The Honduras national team He officially began his reign of leadership Poppin gumz with his first training session on Saturday with seven players under the Colombian coach. Football players work on Olympic Stadium In matters of small space.

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The seven chosen are goalkeepers Luis “Bubba” Lopez And Roberto “Bebo” Lopez; defenders Kevin Alvarez And Minor Figuero; Join them Luis Palma and Kervin Arriaga And Brian Acosta.

Bubba Lopez, Brian Acosta, Kervin Arriaga and Luis Palma while practicing Rondo.
“Bulillo” Gomez He stepped into the stadium for the first time Olympic The weather was very weak due to the rain that fell in recent days in San Pedro Sula. DT started talking for a long time with his assistants Edgar “Panzer” Carvajafor any Oscar PerezIn addition to his son, Daniel Gomez.

Players named by Fabian Quito as the Honduran team who were eliminated along with “Pulillo” Gomez

physical trainer Juan Mauricio Roldan He jumped to the ground and whistled in his hand; I immediately started switching signals after a short rondo; Stretch, some aerobic work and then onto the court. This is already flagged for doing less work with the ball.

The Colombian physical coach has a difficult task to stop the health problems in the national team.
rollHe was clear, he has only a few days left with the group and he should immediately start putting his stamp on the tactical part he will be executing in Friday’s duel against Panama. tonight together Choco Lozano that come from Spain and Alex Lopez From Alajuelense in Costa Rica.

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On Sunday, they will train again, as it was initially agreed on the Olympic stadium, but that will depend on weather conditions that could change training to a closed stadium or perhaps to an artificial one.

This is the coaching organ of H: (from left to right) Edgar “Panzer” Carvajal, Bolillo Gomez, Oscar Perez and Daniel Gomez Loque.In addition, tomorrow players will join the focus, Albert Ellis From the Girondins de Bordeaux in France and Rubio Castillo From Royal Bari in Bolivia.

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