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With a fatal mistake by Militao, Real Madrid started 2022 with a loss against Getafe in the Spanish League


97 & # 39; The end of the match: Real Madrid lost to Getafe, the white team started poorly in 2022 and Militao was the biggest villain, since he missed the goal of Ines Onal.

93 ‘ The complete despair of Real Madrid, who will start the year with a defeat.

90 + 7′ Seven minutes added the referee for the match.

89′ Syria again! Isco’s header covered the goalkeeper.

84 ‘ Ancelotti burns the changes, Lucas and Kroos leave and Peter and Isco enter.

82 ‘ Double change in the departure of Getafe, Onal and Cabaco and the entry of Yankto and Neum.

81 ‘ Arambari’s mistake on Hazard and the referee decided his whistle.

79 ‘ Lucas flips, Mariano’s shot, but his header goes to one side of Soria’s frame.

76 ‘ SORIAAAAAAAAA! Zapatazo Casemiro from the front with the goalkeeper hiding to his left.

73 ‘ Change in Getafe, Florentino enters and Carles Alenia leaves.

71 ‘ Marcelo asks for a penalty kick to withdraw from Arambari, the referee says nothing.

67′ Close to Madrid! A wonderful move by Marcelo and Benzema, the Frenchman hit the ball and repelled the Getafe defense.

66 ‘ The third change in Real Madrid, the departure of Rodrygo and the entry of Mariano.

63′ Change in Getafe, Sandro Ramirez leaves and Jaime Mata enters.

61 ‘ Getafe was encouraged and in these last minutes they attacked.

57 ‘ Modric’s shot from the front, which ends in the hands of Syria.

55 ‘ Yellow For Damien Suarez, Benzema eluded him and had to stop him. She is the second in the game. The first was Rodrigo.

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54 ‘ He played a good individual in the leadership of Sandro, shooting the ball, but his shot went to the center of Courtois.

50′ Rodrygo falls into a clash and hurts his shoulder, critical passes enter.

49 ‘ They played the same thing in the first half, Real Madrid looking for the goal and Getafe stuck to it.

46 ‘ Real Madrid offers two changes, Marcelo and Hazard enter, and Mendy and Asensio leave.

The second half begins, Getafe defeats Real Madrid.

47 ‘ The first half ended, and Real Madrid fell against Getafe with a fatal mistake from Militao. The goal was scored by Anis Unal.

45 + 2′ Two more minutes for this first part.

44 ‘ Weak party of Rodrigo and Asensio, they don’t help Benzema much and the French are suffering from that.

41 ‘ Yellow card for Carlo Ancelotti, all after requesting a throw-in for his team. Be warned, DT seems desperate too.

38 ‘ Getafe misses Real Madrid, and despair begins to emerge in Ancelotti’s squad.

33 ‘ Neither with the middle nor with the shots from outside the area, Real Madrid does not know where to reach Getafe, which is very concentrated in the lower zone.

30′ Real Madrid continues to lead the game, the white team is the one who dominates, but they cannot find the key to the goal.

25′ GETAFE saved again! Benzema was nominated for Rodrygo, but he did not come due to a massive cut from the defence. In the end, the “Cat” was flagged as an offside.

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23 ‘ Getafe knows he has to suffer and more with the result he achieves. Real Madrid is obliged to rise and leave the spaces.

21′ The first yellow in the match is for Rodrigo Goes, after a mistake he made in the midfield.

19 ‘ Dear mom! He did not want the ball to enter Real Madrid, now Kroos took a shot from the front and his shot came close to Syria’s frame. We continue 1-0.

17′ PALOOOOOOOO! Once again Modric fired, this after a fantastic display from Rodrygo and Benzema. Getafe saves itself, but is still lagging behind.

15′ SORIAAAAAA! Getafe goalkeeper Luka Modric, the Croatian, fired the missile, but the goalkeeper saved well.

12′ How bad are Real Madrid and Alaba in making mistakes and saving Courtois. Ancelotti’s side came back poorly from the holiday.

8′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Getafe, a foul by self-confident Militao and Enes Ünal wins the position and knows well against Courtois. The Brazilian asked wrongly, but there is nothing.

5′ Benzema took the ball away from Arambari, it looked clean, but the referee whistled from the Real Madrid striker. The French had caught a bullet that crossed the frame of Syria.

3′ Getafe is one of the most difficult teams in the Spanish league, since the arrival of Kiki Sanchez, the team has improved a lot.

Start the game from the Colosseum!

Confirmed alliances:

Getafe: David Soria. Damian Suarez, Cuenca, Mitrovic, Capaco, Oliveira; Arambari, Maksimovich, Alenia; Ines Onal and Sandro.

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