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Who benefits most between America and Chivas from the exchange between Sebastian Cordova and Uriel Antona?

ESPN Digital presents the reasons why each club will win or lose with the prospect of the arrival of the new player

exchange Sebastian Cordova And Auriel Antona Between America and Chivas seems imminentHowever, within the sporting rivalry between these two teams, one team can benefit more than the other.


Originates from a player with a history of conflict

Uriel Antuna was not very popular in the rojiblanco team, because he received several fines for indiscipline This even led to him being dismissed from campus and not participating in excursions or games.

in August 2020, Antuna was expelled from campus and fined for violating Chivas Guidelines, after it was captured using Alexis Vega Celebrating his birthday. Through a video clip on social networks, they both came out singing with a bottle in hand, a situation that upset Guadalajara’s directives.

Then in April of this year, Antuna made controversial comments in an interview with a content creator. This situation leads us to the next point.

Antona wink in America

In April of this year, Antona interviewed Zabalive, one of the most popular YouTube content creators. In that talk, the winger said he would have no problem playing for America.

On that occasion when asked about his retirement, Antona said that before hanging up the boot, he will play in the Coapa box.

“Before retiring, I would prefer to sign for America,” the national winger said in an interview with Spanish YouTuber.

It’s made by a player who knows Lieno

Sebastian Cordova is a player that Marcelo Michelle Linio knows well, having made his debut under the current Rogblanco captain., who directed the 2018 film Apertura necaxa. Cordova’s debut was in a match against Lobos BUAP on Saturday, August 4th.

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under the leadership of linoAnd Cordova has played 10 matches, 9 of them from Liga MX and one from Copa MXIn addition, he managed to score a goal, which was against Toluca in the 3-2 loss to Rayus at the Nemesio Diez Stadium.

She does not have players with these characteristics

Chivas is the team that suffered the last tournament’s goal, having the second worst attack with just 13 goals. Under this content, Cordova’s conditions will collapse in the best way.

A versatility as a midfielder or right winger, Cordova makes one of the most complete players in his position. Additionally, his mid-range punch, good individual technique and expressive ability make him very complete in this meadow, making him the perfect match for Alexis Vega in the teams.


Solari asked Antona

The Eagles, led by Santiago Solari, seek quality enhancements The first and most important level in this exchange is that Antona is the player requested by the same Argentine strategist, a position that fills him with confidence to show his best form.

Solari, who has passed his candidate’s report for the upcoming campaign, has set his sights on ‘Brujo’Because his speed and explosiveness are key elements in football who wants to develop the next campaign and thus achieve the goals.

Cordova did not explode in America

The Eagles “10” struggled with shirt weight and after doing a good job last season, in this he did not finish blasting and leaving the property to settle on the bench and not start the games.

His lack of play had an effect on his already low level. In addition, in the league, he could not change the course of the confrontation against Pumas in the quarter-finals of the tournament, which seemed to be the limit for Solari’s request for his departure.

Cordova does not enter Solari’s plans

Due to this loss of play, Solari has decided not to rely on Cordova for the upcoming tournament. The sporting differences between the two were significant and this led to the breakdown of the relationship, so the American “10” would have to leave his spot the following season.

With Antona he covered a Mexican square

If the Eagles sign Antona, they cover a Mexican situation, which will open the door for a foreigner to leave the team The squad in this area is comfortable, making it easier for Solari to spot calls and not leave players in the stands for each match.

Likewise, it could enhance other areas of the court with new elements, whether Mexican or foreign.

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