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Wanda Nara receives messages from Eros Ramazzotti; Mauro Icardi, jealous

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The novel between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara Keep moving forward. The couple broke up with A Alleged infidelity of the player Paris Saint-GermainWhich made the Argentine businesswoman start it Receive messages from multiple suitorsThey also announced on the South American show “Los Angeles de la Mania”.

There is the driver Yanina Latorrewho is very close to Wanda Naramake it clear Spouses are closer to divorce than reconciliation, but not only that, but he was smarter when he pointed out that Argentina was Called by Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti.

“Everyone writes to him like Cynthia (Fernandez) imagines, with Hermes (for the wallet he’s using) on ​​top…and Now he already has a singing fiancé, but we’re talking about another bondNot that the Pole invited her. He wrote to him in another language to offer his condolences… ”, began the driver, who also stated that Icardi was jealous of the situation.

“I do not know, Eros Ramazzotti wrote to WandaGirls, I don’t run that lucky (he writes to her) … Moreover, the daring Icardi is jealous and wants her to shut down her social networks I will not work again” tower, recalling the supposed demands that the football player Paris Saint-Germain He was going to force his wife to go back to work.

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