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There is no doubt that virtual assistants love And Alexa made our lives easier. Well, at least for little Morima it was until you tried to ask This he could not understand. Reason? The three-year-old speaks Galician.

While it is true that the assistant It has many languages ​​to use all over the world, the truth is that Galician It is not one of them. Perhaps it is because of its similarity to Spanish, but Siri has not yet adapted to this language and cannot understand phrases in Galician.

It was explained Alexandra Festus, from residents Curtis Who recorded a big problem with his three-year-old daughter Morima . Looks like the girl wanted to interact with her plank The virtual assistant kept saying,Sorry I can’t understand you, is there anything else I can help you with?“.

Now, this is not the first time Morema was talking with siri. So it’s funny to see how surprised the little girl was that the assistant didn’t understand her. “Can you help me choose thingsI asked him in Galician, but siri He answered the same thing over and over.

Finally, the little girl realizes what was happening and says “I speak Galician, you know?’, but in the end Siri is still not responding properly while mommy laughs while recording the video. The video has been watched more than 128 thousand times according to And while it’s fun, it’s a huge problem for the virtual assistant who still doesn’t have Galician in their system.

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