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Vicente Fernandez adds another problem to his health

It’s been over two months since then Vicente Fernandez He was He was hospitalized after falling at home. Since then, his health has made very little progress and he is still on a ventilator.

thus, Rumors about the singer’s condition They didn’t wait for the family to come out to deny every false piece of information; In addition, the dynasty members decided to reveal the situation through a statement that they present regularly each week. On this occasion, there is talk of a new condition of the peripheral nerves.

The doctors at the hospital explained that “his disease process requires a special physical rehabilitation program that includes swallowing and physical and pulmonary therapy. His superior neurological condition is integrated through interaction with the medical staff and his family. His cardiovascular condition is without modifications.” A statement posted by the family on the Instagram account of Vicente Fernandez. He arose from his illness and still relies on his breathing support. He was suffering from bronchitis due to a long ventilator. It should be noted that his recovery from the damage to the peripheral nerves is very slow.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for LARAS

According to this report, The Charro of Huentitán “Given the kind of disease and the consequences that have emerged so far,” it still exists “Stable condition, with slow progression”, indicating no appreciable improvement.

Despite everything, all members of the Fernandez Dynasty were They maintain the confidence of their Patriarch’s full recovery. We’ll have to wait to see if Vicente Fernandez makes any improvement.

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Video: For a few weeks they performed a tracheostomy in Vicente Fernandez.

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