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Verstappen drew Hamilton’s finger and called it ‘stupid’ in the video

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activity in United States Grand Prix It started hot, with amazing heads in between Max VerstappenChampionship leader and Lewis Hamilton, his direct stalker, who prompted the Dutchman to draw his finger and label him “stupid, idiot”.

In the second free training on Friday, Verstappen y Hamilton They met on the main road To show that the battle for the Drivers’ Championship will take it to the extreme, even when there are no points to score.

before taking rectal, Hamilton pushed Dutchman out of the ring And immediately it happened Duel strength between the two Which lasted until the first corner, where the first features were better identified and managed to overtake, which led to a controversial reaction from his opponent.

“Ha, stupid, idiot”commented VerstappenThis precedent raises his right hand and shows him your finger.

Close fight for championship

Verstappen came to the United States as captain of the Drivers’ Championship with 262.5 points, while Hamilton followed closely 256.5 units, which presupposes a great end to the season and is expected to be determined with a slight difference.

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