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United States: Judiciary orders COVID-19 vaccine to be applied to teachers and public school workers in New York | Community

A protest against the compulsory vaccination of teachers or health workers, on Monday in New York.Justin Lin / Effie

This Monday, September 27, was an important day in the state New York and his fight in covid-19. The deadline for teachers in the public system – the most comprehensive in the country – to provide evidence of at least one-dose vaccination, under the mandate issued last month by the city’s Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio. But the medical or religious reluctance of some teachers, along with the vigorous action of the unions that represent them, delayed the process and complicated it.

In a ruling presumably final, a three-judge court ruled today that a mandate that mandates vaccination to be able to Work in public centers in New York City, suspended by the Court of Appeals since last Friday, must apply. That is, the mandatory vaccination of more than 150,000 public school employees will go ahead as planned, or the rebels will face cuts in their salaries. Submit the sentence to the three judges a few days to the expected term, Ending a judicial process – at the request of the teachers’ unions – has been postponed twice by both state and federal courts in recent weeks.

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Municipal authorization is the strictest prescription to date directed at a professional group, and its sanction by the latter court could open the door to a much broader mandate for all local or state administration employees in the coming weeks. Last Monday, de Blasio noted that about 97% of center directors and 95% of teachers have received the vaccination, while the rate of vaccinations with at least one dose among school workers reaches 87%. About 8,000 employees of the city’s Department of Education were vaccinated this weekend before the ultimatum approached. State of De Blasio is only for adults who work in centers, where students are not required to vaccinate to attend class, Unlike cities like Los Angeles, which ask for it.

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The unions have urged Mayor de Blasio to extend the vaccination period, arguing that centers will not be able to deal with the expected shortage of teachers and staff that could result from the strict application of the mandate. There is a risk that the state, on another level of management, is facing up to New York’s hospital network. The governor, Katie Hochhol, expected this weekend to turn to the National Guard – a body of volunteer reserve soldiers – to mitigate the absence of all health workers who haven’t been vaccinated past today’s deadline. Democrat Hochul has also expressed its intention to call in unemployed, retired or other health workers to replace tens of thousands of workers who are likely to lose their jobs for not submitting vaccination proof on time. In a statement issued by her office, the governor raised the possibility of declaring a state of emergency to address the shortage of cadres and the emergency measures referred to to treat it.

And the mayor of New York said in this regard on Monday that he does not fear the possibility of massive absenteeism from work in the city, where the vaccination rate is high, but he does not fear it. In the state’s small towns, lagging behind in the process immunization and forcing them to cut services or even postpone scheduled operations due to staff shortages. As hospitals prepare to lay off tens of thousands of non-compliant employees, For medical reasons (eg allergies) or religious objections, with authorization. This is the case, among other things, of the New York University Hospital Network, which has warned its workers that those resistant to the vaccine will be “immediately suspended and awaiting dismissal.” The vaccination authorization for health workers was issued last month by the Ministry of Health.

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