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They rescued 126 Haitian migrants from an abandoned container in Guatemala

Migrants traveling in a US-bound cargo truck held by Guatemalan authorities (Guatemala’s National Civil Police/Posted via Reuters)

a group of 126 migrants, mostly Haitians, were rescued Saturday from a container abandoned by Guatemalan police officers. the group He was trying to get to Mexico to cross into the United States.

Of the people who were saved, 106 from Haiti, 11 from Nepal and 9 from Ghana, As detailed in a press conference by Jorge Aguilar, spokesman for the Guatemalan National Civil Police.

Agents have been alerted to The presence of an abandoned trailer on the road between the cities of Nueva Concepcion and Cocalis, in the south of the country.

Approaching the vehicle, the screams of distress and bangs on the container walls gave an idea to the customers, who They opened the doors and found 126 people inside.

The photos released by the police showed Migrants get out of the truck With backpacks or sitting on the road.

Those who were rescued received health care and were later transferred to shelters belonging to the Guatemalan Migration Institute. According to immigration spokeswoman Alejandra Mina, Everyone will be sent back to Honduras, where they crossed into the country, because they do not have the necessary papers, Pick up the Guatemalan newspaper free press.

Guatemala: - 126 migrants rescued from an abandoned container in Guatemala.  POLITICA POLICÍA NACIONAL CIVIL DE GUATEMALA
Guatemala: – 126 migrants rescued from an abandoned container in Guatemala. POLITICA POLICÍA NACIONAL CIVIL DE GUATEMALA

Due to its geographical location, the The territory of Guatemala is a natural corridor used by thousands of immigrants from Central America, Haiti and African countries in order to realize the so-called American dream, despite the deportations carried out by the US immigration authorities.

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As reported this Saturday by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), More than 90,000 migrants have crossed the dangerous Darren Gap Forest in Panama this year alone to reach the United States, Mexico or Canada.

the area in which Every year thousands of Guatemalans, Hondurans, El Salvadorans and Nicaraguans immigrate to the United StatesIt also faces an immigration crisis due to the passage of a wave of thousands of immigrants, mostly Haitians, in search of better opportunities, despite the dangerous and arduous journey.

So far this yearMore than fifty immigrants died in Panama When trying to cross the jungle area of ​​Darien, which borders Colombia, this week I reported an entity affiliated with the Panamanian Attorney General’s Office.

The International Organization for Migration said on Friday that more than 7,500 Haitian immigrants were expelled in less than three weeks by the United States, which chartered 70 flights to deport them.

On the same day, Mexican authorities intercepted 652 migrants, 355 of them minors, were transported in three trucks on a highway in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas.According to official sources.

So far, the authorities have managed to detect 564 immigrants from Guatemala, 39 from Honduras, 20 from El Salvador, 28 from Nicaragua and one from Belize. According to reports, there was at least 197 minors traveling alone.

With information from EuropaPress, AFP and EFE

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