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They are criminals, not revolutionaries, according to the US envoy to Haiti

President Biden’s Special Envoy Daniel Foot, in an interview with the talk, strongly refute Speech by Group of Nine leader Jimmy Scherzer, nicknamed Barbecue, who presents himself as a “revolutionary” who wants to change the country, was kidnapped, according to the latter, through crooked and smelly bourgeois policies.

“Don’t listen to the message from the barbecue. He lies. You know it’s lies. Gangs are not going to work for a better Haiti and you know it. They are criminals. They kill people. They don’t have an ideology. They don’t want a better Haiti,” Daniel Foote said.

“If they wanted a better Haiti, they would not have prevented the supply of fuel to hospitals, they would not have prevented transportation, robbed and raped young women and killed priests and citizens.”Daniel Foote said, worried about Haitians’ desperation.

“What worries me most about Haiti is that people have lost all hope. I have never seen this before in Haiti,” Daniel Foote said. In 1803, “Haiti defeated France. Nobody thought this would happen. Haitians can do whatever they want if they come together and share the same goal,” calling for a new political agreement in 2021.

“I think the agreement that comes from the Haitian people is the key to moving forward,” Daniel Foote added.

The former special envoy of President Joe Biden, the former special envoy of President Joe Biden, called, “You have to get this agreement and after you have persecuted these criminals, these thieves and rapists and murderers and kidnappers and bring Haitian society back to the Haitian people,” noting that the agreement can be To help the international community advance its security cooperation.

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