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“The whole team wants me to win on Sunday”

Checo Pérez confirms that they have not defined any plan for the Mexican race other than serious competition

Czech Perez Every member of the team said Red Bull Racing He wants him to win on Sunday in Mexican GPBut they don’t have a strategy and they haven’t argued about it.

At Thursday’s conference, he participated in the first shift with the Australian Daniel Ricciardo from McLarenAnd Czech Perez He was repeatedly questioned about the possibility of him giving up his place Max Verstappen Sunday in favor of their fight for the Drivers’ Championship.

“It’s a problem that I would like to have (being in front of Max and Hamilton). It always depends on the situation. Decisions are made at the moment in the race; it all depends on the conditions of the race, but what I’m sure of, what I can say is that the whole team, Everyone wants me to win on Sunday.” Czech Perez. “I am sure I will have their support.”

He was asked if he had spoken inside Red Bull For a possible strategy or scenarios for Sunday, especially if Checo is ahead and confirmed there is still no evidence he could be in that position, “so we haven’t said anything or discussed any of that.”

In a similar situation and in the battle that McLaren fought with Ferrari in the constructors’ championship and with it Lando Norris Ricardo was asked in the pilots if he would let the Englishman pass.

“My answer is no, maybe if it was the last race of the year and I was fighting for the title, but not otherwise,” the Australian replied with a smile, always.

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As it always happens when two relaxed men meet at a conference, Checo and Ricciardo joke about whether Red Bull can be strong in Hermanos Rodriguez Raceway.

“Daniel I know,” Perez quipped, because Ricciardo was a Red Bull driver a few years ago.

Daniel replied, “You’ll enjoy, you’ll enjoy it.”

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