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The victory of the Astros and the tie in SDLA

HOUSTON – Jordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker both contributed to two of four runs at the Houston Astros, who secured the home grounds advantage in the Division I Series by defeating the Oakland Athletics 10-4 Saturday night.

The Astros, the AL West Division Champion, will host the first two games of their series with a maximum of five games against the Chicago White Sox, the quarterback kings.

That series starts next week. The Astros have an advantage over Chicago in tiebreaker standards, having won five of their seven head-to-head games this season.

Cuban Alvarez crashed a three-stroke race across the right field in the first inning, and Tucker added Homer’s two-stroke from the left in the seventh inning.

Jason Castro’s single shot at home landed the ball in the front row of Crawford’s boxes, behind left field, in the second quarter. Yuli Gouriel Homer added on the base across left field in the third game.

Originally, that hit was recorded as a double. The referees overturned the decision after seeing the video and ordered Homer.

Phil Mattoon (6-0) allowed the rules to fill in by two runs in the fifth inning, but forced Seth Brown to hit a harmless ground ball and take the win.

The loss went to Paul Blackburn (1-4).

For athletics, Dominican Starling Mart 5-2 with a run and an RBI record.

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