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The missing passenger did not answer a call from the rescuers because it was an unknown number | Univision News United States

An amusement park was lost on a tour of one of the highest regions in the country. After being reported by someone close to him, rescuers called his mobile phone, but the man He did not answer because the call was from an unknown number.

mountaineer, according to The authorities in a statementHe started his tour at Mount Elbert, located in the Rocky Mountains in the state of Colorado، Easiest way to climb 14,433 feet to the highest point.

After several hours of walking, almost at dusk, the man who His name has not been releasedNote that he lost track.

He completely ignored his phone

The first thing the rescuers did was try to contact him by phone. The device, curiously, has a signal; however, No calls or messages sent.

Five LCSAR members were deployed at 10:00 pm to search for areas of high probability on Mount Elbert, but were unable to locate the mountaineer and left the search at approximately 3:00 am on October 19.

At about 7:00 on the same day, the 19th, a three-member team resumed searching a new area where hikers generally get lost.

It was around 09:30 when the person who reported the passenger’s absence called the team to inform them The man returned to his home.

At 10:00 the crew was able to check the health of the man.

I had no idea they were looking for him

The man said that They had no idea that the team was looking for him And he didn’t answer the call because it’s an unknown number.

LCSAR recommended to those visiting the area if you are late according to your itinerary and start receiving frequent calls from Unknown number, answer the phone, “The search and rescue team may be trying to make sure you are safe!”

As he reminded hikers on Mount Elbert, “the trail is blocked by snow above the tree line and will be in this state from now until the end of June probably.”

“Don’t count on following your ascent paths to come down the mountain, as winds often cover your paths,” he noted.

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