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The misery that Chivas brought to Alexis Vega and that is why he went to Riados

Alexis Vega could leave Chivas to play with Rayados.

chivas He’s still struggling with a competitive squad for the 2022 Clausura Championship, as the boosts he’s restricted seem like Roberto AlvaradoThey will fall at the last minute.

And on top of that, according to the Peloteros PQ podcast, Scheme I would be interested in adding to Alexis VegaOne of the most talented players in chivasWhich would put the technician in serious trouble Marcelo Michel Leno.

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Alexis Vega Terminates his contract with chivas In December 2022, but according to media such as ESPN, he would have turned down at least three offers to renew the contract proposed by directing chivas.

What Chivas would have given Alexis Vega

According to the sports salary portal, Alexis Vega He will receive a salary of about 7.8 million pesos annually, however, the offers of a board of directors chivas They would not have earned the best salaries at the club, which would be around 21 million pesos a year, which could be exceeded by the high salaries they can pay. Scheme.

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