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The formations of the Ecuadorian and Venezuelan national teams confirmed for today’s match in Quito for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers | football | Sports

A setback against Yaniro, who appeared to be the favorites in the first leg, would complicate Tricolor’s aspirations.

With the absence of top scorers Iner Valencia and Michael Estrada, Ecuador will play Venezuela next Thursday in Quito, in the thirteenth date of the World Cup in South America, with the firm intention of staying in the qualifying zone with their own efforts.

The tricolor, which Venotinto had a bitter drink a month ago after a 2-1 victory in Caracas, remains in third place with 17 points and help the results of the others. It comes on the heels of Colombia and Uruguay, both with 16 units.

The captain of the Ecuadorean national team, Gustavo Alfaro, estimated the match, which was scheduled for four in the afternoon in Rodrigo Paz, the capital of the republic, as the “sixth final.”

A setback against Janiro’s team, who seemed to be the favorite in the first leg, would complicate Ecuador’s aspirations, which seem far from the leaders Brazil (31 points) and the Argentine goalkeeper (25).

Venezuela led by DT Leonardo González has been buried since the start of the qualifying rounds and now with 7 units virtually eliminated.

“It will be a very difficult match and we have to move on,” said Ecuadorean goalkeeper and captain Alexandre Dominguez.

The local forces, led by the Argentine Álvaro, plan to achieve their fifth victory in their fortress, as they have already scored a draw and defeat. (Dr)

lining up:

Ecuador: Alexandre Dominguez; Byron Castillo, Felix Torres, Piero Hincape, Christian Cruz; Carlos Grizo, Moises Caicedo, Ayrton Preciado, Gonzalo Plata, Joao Rojas; Djurkiv Risco. DT: Gustavo Alfaro.

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Venezuela: Rafael Romo Roberto Rosales, Nahuel Ferrari, Luis Martinez, Yordan Osorio; Daniel Carrillo, Tomas Rincon, Jose Martinez, Darwin Matches, Eric Ramirez; Brian Hurtado. DT: Leonardo Gonzalez.

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