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The fire consumes several floors of a building in the El Manantial apartment complex in Puerto Nuevo

A fire this morning engulfed several floors of Building 1 of Residential Mananteel In Puerto Nuevo District, Guaynabo State, police reported this morning.

According to the preliminary information provided by the uniform, The fire started in the balcony area of ​​an apartment on the first floor of the aforementioned building, but has already spread to the third floor of the building.

The fire report occurred at 6:50 a.m. when a call alerted an apartment fire in the aforementioned apartment complex.

A resident of the place indicated that he noticed the fire after hearing an explosion from the apartment of one of his neighbors.

We were sleeping and by now we heard an explosion and we started outside to see what was there. We went there and took the lady out and nothing… Thank God everything is fine.”, via Raymond Negron to new day.

“The lady says she left a cobra (a candle to scare away mosquitoes) lit. He went to bed to sleep and it seems that the boxes caught fire and caught fire.”

Fire units in Guaynabo, Puerto Nuevo, Metropolitan Division and Special Operations are attending to the emergency, which is not known how it started.

This is a piece of news that is under development and will be expanded on later.

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