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The FEI Committee suspends the mayor of Guaynabo, Angel Perez

The Office of the Independent Special Prosecutor’s Office (OPFEI) on Thursday arrested the mayor of Guaynabo, Angel PerezAnd He confirmed following the federal accusations he faces of committing acts of corruption The new day.

OPFEI Chairman, Nidya Koto VivesHe pointed out that this agency issued a decision in this sense today, which has broader implications for Peres.

“The 2012 Reorganization Plan No. 1 by which the Administrative Disciplinary Actions Unit was established provides that when a mayor or municipal legislator is arrested on criminal charges, the brief hiring suspension proceeds,” Koto Vives said.

“Luisa Colom Garcia, Deputy Mayor, must deprive Pérez of any municipal property, understood as cell phones, vehicles, credit cards, or any municipal property.”added.

The lawyer said the order also orders that Peres be denied access to the mayor’s office or municipal facilities.

Likewise, the City Council’s Chief Financial Officer, Edwin Reyes Gonzalez, must vouch for the OPFEI on the economic benefits the mayor has received.

Coto Vives made it clear that the decision will be valid until the end of the criminal case against Perez.

Federal Court Sets $10,000 Guarantee “Insured” for Perez After he was arrested this morning on corruption charges brought against him by a federal grand jury.

The charges accuse him of conspiracy, bribery and extortion. The charges carry a prison sentence of five years, ten years, and 20 years, respectively.

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