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The federal court sentenced Sally Lopez to two years in prison after supervised release

Today, Tuesday, the Federal Court ruled against the former director of the Labor Development Department, Sally Lopez Martinez, to two years of supervised release for conspiracy to commit fraud in order to profit Anaudi Hernandez Perez As a contractor during the administration of Alejandro García Padilla.

Lopez Martinez, 42, has already served more than three years in prison, as part of her first ruling in 2017. Boston’s First Circuit of Appeals ordered a new trial, finding that the federal court had overstepped its discretion when prosecuted. Other defendants.

As part of this second action, the former director of La Fortaleza’s Citizen Assistance Office today pleaded guilty to fraudulently awarding two contracts to JM Professional & Training for Hernández Pérez, while driving the ADL.

Federal Judge Pedro Delgado handed down the ruling after the parties reported, at the end of November, that they had reached an agreement. Judge Delgado followed the prosecution’s recommendations to take the three years and nine months Lopez Martinez already spent in prison, and require two years of supervised release, as well as a $5,000 fine.

It is a complex case. Nobody is completely happy, but we understand that this is the best we can do. In this case, there are two very different opinions on the evidence of the prosecution … Lopez has already served a very severe sentence. She wants to leave that behind and move on with her life.”Lopez Martinez’s attorney, Linda Buckel.

After Hernandez-Perez pleaded guilty in 2016, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office brought Lopez Martinez to trial, as well as former AAA vice president Yvonne Falcon Neves and her sister Mariles Falcon Neves, and former private. House Assistant, Glenn Rivera Pizarro.

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Lopez Martinez and sisters Falcon Neves and Rivera Pizarro were found guilty on October 7, 2016 of conspiring with Hernandez Pérez, a fundraiser for People’s Democratic Party (PPD), in a scheme to corrupt, influence selling, and bribes in favor of Hérnandez Pérez in awarding central government contracts.

On August 31, 2017, the former director of the ADL was sentenced to nine years in prison. Later, Lopez Martinez was released on bail on December 5, 2020, through another appeals decision in Boston, in which the appeal was clarified, but he expected that a new trial order would be issued.

Lopez Martinez’s defense, Linda Baquel, argued that evidence presented against Rivera Pizarro during the trial caused the jury to be biased against him.

In April of this year, the Boston Appeals Commission ordered the new trial to go ahead, after finding that the federal court had abused its discretion by failing to separate her trial from the other defendants.

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