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The Charger wins and takes down Broncos, Browns and Dolphins with a stroke of a pen

We review today’s highlights on the seventeenth day of the regular season

Sunday from Seventeenth week From the NFL included some Multiplication and unexpected results It will undoubtedly have an impact on the arena.

the Cincinnati Bengals beat Kansas City Chiefs And seized the throne of the North Asian Federation, while he was superior to Tennessee Titan to me Miami Dolphin It means not only the South Asian title, but also the chance to fight for the top seed in the American Conference after losing Kansas City.

On the other side, buffalo bills s New England Patriots They secured their place in the playoffs with their victories on Sunday.

Afternoon, victory Los Angeles Chargers Dramatically altered the post-season scene, eliminating multiple teams with their victory over Denver Broncos.

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Here we review Sunday evening’s highlights:

Bills finally snatched his place in the playoffs after hitting a bump in the season in which he lost a chance to fight for the top seed in the AFC. Josh Allen had a terrible day with three interceptions, but Devin Singletary saved him with two touchdown holders and limited the Atlanta defense to 15 points to save the victory.

It is once again becoming clear that the Giants are one of the worst teams in the NFL right now and that they have to make a lot of changes in the off-season if they want to compete again in the future. For the Bears, it’s always nice to beat the home crowd, but they also head into an uncertain season.

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The Defense Chiefs did the job we’ve been used to in recent weeks by stopping the Bengals on the goal line in the last minute, reminding us of their mistakes earlier in the season with a penalty kick that gave Cincinnati a chance to kick the winning field. The goal that also marked the North Asian title. Now Kansas City was also complicated by its potential to take the top spot in the AFC.

The rise of the dolphins helped make their fall even more painful. Their seven-game winning streak hit the wall against the Titans, the first super-caliber team they faced in that period and the result was a 34-3 defeat that showed Miami’s offensive flaws, starting with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Terrible day for the ponies. The Giants have already clinched the South Asian title, and the loss complicates their chances of advancing to the playoffs against a rival fighting head-on for a berth. Having midfielder Carson Wentz active didn’t have the expected result.

There’s not much to take from that hit, other than rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence once again throwing a touchdown pass (for three interceptions). Meanwhile, Mac Jones broke out with three touchdowns, and Rhamundry Stevenson added two second-half goals to form the hitter.

A comeback victory in the last quarter thanks to another great performance by Tom Brady will be forgotten, the main story of not only the game, but today, Antonio Brown’s sudden departure in the middle of the match, stripped of him. equipment to go on its way to the locker room while his teammates continued to fight on the field. Coach Bruce Arians announced at the end of the match that Brown was no longer part of the squad.

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Philadelphia came from behind in the second half, rebounding from a 16-7 deficit to score a massive win adding them to the list of qualifying teams, decimating Washington’s hopes in the process.

The Rams took an important step toward stabilizing their teams by beating the Ravens on the road, but they had to stop a final comeback attempt by Baltimore thanks to Case Von Miller’s Tyler Huntley. The decisive landing for the Rams was recorded by Odell Beckham Jr. , so the pieces LA got during the season are starting to pay off on the field.

The Broncos once again left serious question marks over their attack with linebacker Drew Luke’s limited ability to spark attack, while Justin Herbert and Austin Eckler propelled the Chargers to victory that puts them in contention for a single place in the AFC. With the Bullets’ victory, the hopes of the Dolphin, Cleveland Browns, and Broncos in the playoffs ended.

It looked like the Texans were headed for another surprise win over a team with playoff hopes after going up 7-3 in the first half, but the 49ers reacted in the second half thanks to two touchdown passes from rookie quarterback Trey Lance. Spot in the postseason with a week left on the schedule.

The Saints were far from spectacular, but they did enough to beat the headless Panthers, as the problems at the quarterback were even bigger now after handing the start over to Sam Darnold and watching him deliver the game with more interceptions in the final seconds as Carolina looked for a comeback.

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The Cowboys aroused serious suspicion after falling to a potential playoff contender at home, and although they came close to the finish, the Cardinals weren’t actually in danger at any point, as they dominated Dallas despite missing out on multiple injuries. Kyler Murray has proven he’s back at a time when Arizona desperately needs it.

In what would have been Russell Wilson’s last game in Seattle, the quarterback gifted fans with a performance of four touchdown passes that would have made him the number-of-the-week at any other time of the year. The Seahawks have proven, once again, that they are good against bad teams and good against bad teams.

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