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‘Take that finger away from me’: A robot with a human face points so realistic that it ‘frightens’ its creators (video)


25 dic 2021 23:55 GMT

Some netizens see this “horror” as just an “early warning” about the potential dangers of robotic technology.

“The world’s most advanced robot with a human face”, which was Foot On December 2, British company Engineered Arts showcased an array of backlashes so realistic that its makers admit they are freaking out.

In a video the company released this Wednesday, you can see how the robot, called Ameca, follows the finger of a person moving in front of it with its gaze. When the finger comes close to her face, Amika frowns and leans backBut when the robot touches the nose, it is clearly “disturbed” Grabs the person’s hand and pushes it away.

The developers say: “Ameca reacts when things enter her ‘personal space.’” This even It’s starting to scare us In engineering, we are used to it! ‘, they realize.

In the users’ response to the video, the admiration of those congratulating the creators on their work was mixed with the amazement of those who check how much “robot technology has advanced in recent years”.

However, there are also those who are not enthusiastic about the capabilities of the robot. Twitter user books that the interaction between Ameca and the human finger is”early warningAbout the potential dangers of this technology.

Amika’s face consists of Eyes, cheeks, mouth and forehead His facial movements range from surprise, anger, and happiness. Engineered Arts magazine published on December 2 a Video Which has already collected more than 2.1 million views, where the fluidity of human movements and the expressive naturalness of his face can be appreciated.

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Ameca is the world’s most advanced robot with a human face cutting edge technology […] and specifically designed as a platform for the development of future robotics technologies,” details The company is on its website. Likewise, he states that the modular architecture of the machine allows its capabilities to be easily improved by means of updates, both physical and “software”.

Despite her human appearance, Amika Still It’s not going well, but Engineered Arts promises to take steps toward that goal soon. The company plans to display more examples of Ameca’s skills at the CES 2022 International Technology Show, which will be held in Las Vegas (USA) next January.

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