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Summary of the match Tigres vs Santos (1-0) | UANL to the semi-finals

With the general table in hand, though he would also have achieved it with the extinct criterion of a visitor’s goal, Tigres in the semi-finals of Apertura 2021 after defeat 1-0 against Santos Laguna in Vulcan and left the series with a 2-2 aggregate score, as Carlos Salcedo found the champion for a seemingly complex night in Nuevo Leon.

in a First tournament with Miguel HerreraThe cats are in the lead up to the final and are waiting for a competition between them Leon or Puebla. If the fair is advanced, registration offices at the volcano will be open and closed in Guanajuato; If the sector is still alive, they close as buildings in Nuevo Leon.

Tigres 1-0 Santos; This was the quarter round

The first half was for Auriazul’s team, who had 61 percent possession of the ball, but without good control of chances against the opponent’s goal, with only one shot on goal and the opponent came out empty in this area.

The volcano had a permitted presence of 90 percent of capacity And the people responded, experiencing an atmosphere at the beginning of Liguilla, where most pulpits sang along with Free and Lokos, and a reception that could not contain blankets or typhus due to the epidemic.

Diente López warned in the 18th minute that a shot in the area could not give direction to the door and the ball went to the side. He made it clear in the 22nd minute, when Luis Quinones appeared in the area to try to determine the ball passed by André-Pierre Gignac, but Carlos Acevedo regressed superbly and avoided the local goal.

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The auriazules’ dominance continued in the supplemental part, but it was difficult for them to cause the attack and Louse decided to risk his situation Florian Thuven and Carlos Gonzalez, written by Juan Pablo Vigón and Rafael Carioca. Tigers attack too.

This move came close to taking effect in the 62nd minute, as Charlie appeared on the attack and received a cross from the left side that Gignac finished first, but his shot was saved by Matthews Doria.

Thoven created another clear opportunity at 67 minutes, when he saw Quinones only on the left and gave him the ball to make the play happen, but his shot was too high from Acevedo’s net.

Carlos Salcedo opened the scoring in the 81st minute., in the last stage, when the defender went to attack, grabbed the ball in the area, set and took a shot to beat Carlos Acevedo and lead his team to the semi-finals, celebrating the goal with great ecstasy, as Raymundo Fulgencio was sent off on the bench.

Salcedo’s goal against Tigres Santos | Video

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