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Summary of the match between Ecuador and Brazil (1-1). Objectives

Ecuador Nothing can be confirmed as the third South American team in Qatar 2022, this Thursday in a Controversial afternoon confined at home 1-1 with Brazil, and it will be a matter Another result for your success the next day world Cup ranked third in CONMEBOL.

The Ecuadorean team scored 24 points, 7 away from Peru and Colombia A controversial afternoon where There were goals, kicks, feuds and red cards; For their part, the The Brazilians are not defeated And at the top of the ranking.

The afternoon was not easy at all for the Colombian government, Willmar Roldan, 2 red face in the first half, in addition There have been many controversial plays there is chance Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium.

The advantage you have is that they will face on Friday Peru s Colombia, will leave points and If they defeat the Incas the next day, They were going to assert themselves in the World Cup.

confrontation in keto I expected many actions and emotions and that’s how it has been since then From the second minute there was an arrival When Iner Valencia finished off with a header On the one hand in a good position in a parked ball Pervis Estupinan on the left side. Two minutes later, Ayrton Preciado Put a center left Alison.

1-0 reached 6′ when Casemiro scored inside the area. corner kick from Philip Coutinho what short Alexandre Dominguez, the ball was dead and The Real Madrid element did not fail.

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Then came the controversial plays. In 13 minutes the goalkeeper Domínguez misses and with the buttons Forward, hit Matthews Cunha Almost within the Ecuadorean region. Roldan went to the VAR and sent off the goalkeeper And a mistake was marked on the border, the Brazilian player had buttons on his neck.

Brazil He also stayed with 10 to 21 minutes, when Emerson misses Michael Estrada He got his second yellow card.

Raise to stay on an equal footing Ecuador And at 22 minutes, Estupiñán put a ball to Flipe Caicedo, which ended with a header from the side.

Visitors managed to keep 9 when the hour was 26 minutes. There was red for Alison to hit the head Valencia by the foot, but Corrected in two minutes It was yellow.

Gonzalo silver Fell in the area at 40 minutes into the lock Alex SandroA penalty was requested, but there was no sign.

Already in the second half, import scored a goal Ecuador, But It has been misplaced. The local attack took advantage of .’s poor filtering Alison To score in a play kaiseido left in Estopinan.

Ecuador Completed and at the 53rd forgave again when paying off He stepped on it, I’m a snail, and when he touched it import Fail.

Ravenha commit Stupinan the 55′, There was a penalty kick for Ecuador, but nevertheless, The video assistant rule has been cancelled To continue the controversial moves.

He was up to 75 when Ecuador won 1-1. she was Felix Torres, From Santos LagunaWho nodded in a corner kick accused her paying offjumped by CasemiroGet up early and hit Alison.

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When the hot match is over In 92 ‘there was a penalty kick for EcuadorAlison hit Valuable Inside the area in a tight play, because the goalkeeper first touched the ball. Roldan Alisson was sent off for a double yellow card and went to the VAR. There the Colombian whistle decided to cancel the marking and the red to leave the final 1-1.

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