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Singer Ovidio Crespo, better known as Ovi ., has been arrested


Ofe alarmed his followers, who feared Cuba’s retaliation for his anti-dictatorship stance.

Cuban singer-songwriter Ovidio Crespo known as Ovi, in the eye of the hurricane, this is after the release of his arrest warrant when he was arrested for reasons that are still unknown for sure. Although it should be remembered Ovi He is one of the Cuban artists who participated in the demonstrations in Miami s Washington In support of the mass protests of July 11th in Cuba.

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According to this official report Ovi He was arrested for the alleged aggravated assault, but this is something that can still be confirmed with certainty, as many know that he is of Cuban origin and decided to go visit his family on dates, which many asserted is something illegal to any Ovi He ignored it and there are many rumors suggesting that for this reason he was detained.

Where was Ovi when he was arrested?

Ovi, there was Cuba In order to visit his mother and his remaining family on the island, according to what he announced himself on his social networking sites, the artist announced in his Instagram stories that “Someone is going to Cuba to visit his family“, after a previous post in which he said he feels very helpless for his family.”So far so closeAnd not being able to hug them on these dates.

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immediately, Ovi He alarmed his followers, who feared that the Cuban government would take revenge on him His position on dictatorship.

“I am not afraid, nothing will happen to me either, I am not doing anything illegal. I have already hugged my mother, that is all I need and I will leave here tomorrow because this country is disgusting, there is no water,” he wrote in another message.

It should be noted that last April, Ovi, who became one of the most cosmopolitan urban Cuban singers, once said that Do you want to sing in Cuba and you will sing for free, so that everyone can enjoy their music.

“If they let me do it, I would do it for free,” said the “Envidioso” translator, in response to a question from a Matanzas fan.

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