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Shame on repeating the lottery. UEFA is lying

Real Madrid considered the repeat of the draw for the 16th round of the Champions League “a disgrace” and accused the European Football Association of “lying” in its explanation of the reasons that prompted it to make this decision, according to various sources confirmed to ESPN.

The white club was initially set up with Benfica but the draw was declared invalid after it was established that there had been an error in selecting potential rivals Villarreal and Atletico Madrid.

UEFA issued a statement minutes later informing them that the draw would be repeated due to a “technical problem with the programme”.

“Following a technical issue with a third-party provider’s software guiding those responsible for qualified teams to play each other, a material error occurred in the draw for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. As a result, UEFA announced in a statement that the draw was void. It will be repeated in full at 15:00 CET.

But Real Madrid considers that their confrontation with Benfica should have continued because the mistakes of the European Football Association occurred after the balls had already decided that the white club would face the Portuguese in the round of 16.

The white club believes it is a “disgrace” to repeat the entire draw and considers that if it does, it should only have been since the duo with the Portuguese since he was first.

In addition, the same sources made it clear to ESPN that they do not believe UEFA’s interpretation because they believe there was no software problem but human error. Real Madrid showed their anger over the decision before knowing that their next Champions League quarter-final opponent would be Lionel Messi and PSG’s Sergio Ramos.

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