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Several people were killed in a bow and arrow attack in Kongsberg, Norway

(CNN) – Several people were killed and several others injured by an attacker in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg, 85 kilometers west of the capital, Oslo, a Norwegian police press official told CNN on Wednesday.

A Kongsberg police spokesman told CNN on Wednesday that the suspect had used a bow and arrow.

The press official could not specify the number of dead or wounded, but said that one of the suspects had been arrested and that the situation was under control.

Asked if the situation was being treated as terrorism, the press official said it was “not yet clear, and it’s too early to know.”

Police cordoned off the site they were investigating in Kongsberg, Norway after a man armed with a bow killed several people before being arrested by police on October 13, 2021 (Photo: HAKON MOSVOLD LARSEN/NTB/AFP via Getty Images)

A police officer uses a sniffer dog at the location they are investigating in Kongsberg, Norway, after a man armed with a bow killed several people before being arrested by police (Photo by HAKON MOSVOLD LARSEN/NTB/AFP a via Getty Images)

The spokesman said the suspect was first notified by the police at 6:15 p.m. local time. She added that the suspect assaulted people in different locations before his arrest.

When asked about the number of casualties, the spokesman said: “We simply cannot confirm any number at the moment.”

He also said it was “too early to determine” the motive for the attack. “This is what the investigation will reveal,” the spokesman added.

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