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Sergio “Chico” Perez makes history at the Mexican Grand Prix

(CNN Español) – Sergio “Chico” Perez finished third at the Mexican Grand Prix this Sunday after a tight race in which he wrestled from the first laps with Mercedes’ British driver Lewis Hamilton.

So Hamilton finished second and Max Verstappen of Red Bull easily took first place in the Grand Prix.

With third place, “Checo” Pérez made history by being the first Mexican Formula 1 driver to reach the podium at the Mexican Grand Prix.

“Red Bull Max Verstappen’s driver claimed his third win of his career at the Mexican Grand Prix, ahead of Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez, who became the first Mexican driver to climb to the Formula 1 podium in his home race,” Note Formula 1 on their website.

Verstappen started in third, but a few seconds into the race the Dutch driver finished first. From that moment on, the Red Bull driver did not give up this position until he won the Mexican Grand Prix.

Verstappen’s lead was so wide that he took 16.55secs from second place, Hamilton, and 17.75secs from third, “Checo” Pérez. Its total runtime was 1 hour, 38 minutes, and 39.086 seconds.

Verstappen continues to lead the Drivers’ Championship with 312.5 points; Hamilton follows with 293.5; And third, Valtteri Bottas (from Mercedes) with 185 points.

Meanwhile, the constructors’ championship was tightened: Mercedes took first place with 478.5 points and Red Bull was second with 477.5 points.

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The amazing builds of the “Checo” Pérez 1:03

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