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Senate legislative leadership confirms they already have the votes to approve debt settlement plan

The law enabling the Debt Settlement Scheme (PDA) needs 14 favorable votes in the Senate for approval and both the chair of that body, José Luis Dalmão, and the spokesperson for the New Progressive Party (PNP) delegation, Thomas Rivera Schatz confirmed on Monday that they already have the necessary votes. And maybe more.

My colleagues asked me last night about the final version (of the draft) and so far only one (senator) has expressed reservations. Dalmau said new day.

He added that the Senate People’s Democratic Party delegation, consisting of 12 members of the Senate, can vote in favor of House Bill 1003 by a supermajority. That is, the 12 Senators, or at least eight of them.

“(Votes) will exceed 14,” Dalmau said.

Rivera Schatz expressed himself in the same vein.

“There will be more than 14 votes because that version got 19 votes in the Senate,” he said.

Refers to the version of Bill 1003 with amendments approved by the Senate on October 6. This measure won the approval of 19 senators. All HDP senators voted in favor of the measure. But in the PNP the project was not favored by Senators William Villavigne, Gregorio Matthias, and Henry Newman. Senator Benibe Migdalia Padilla abstained from the vote because she was retired from the government.

“I haven’t spoken to them again, but I assume they (will) vote,” Rivera Schatz said when asked about the vote of the three senators who did not support the PDA enabling act.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have a caucus. They haven’t told me anything, but I expect what happened on October 6 will happen, and the convention report will get more than 14 votes,” the senator said.

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The Senate is in session tomorrow Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., and they prepare to see a new version of Bill 1003 with changes to language to protect current and future pensions in legislative convention.

The alternative NPP spokesman, Carmelo Rios, said it would pass 14 votes to approve the measures in the Senate.

“After yesterday’s exercise, I understand that the number of votes should exceed 14. In the PNP, at least, there should definitely be 7 to 8 votes. In the People’s Party, from the information we have, it should swing between 10 and 11 votes. Of the 12 votes available. That would put us above the 14 votes required to approve the procedure,” said Rios.

The legislative leadership in the House and Senate yesterday signed an agreement to amend Bill 1003 and introduce the same language that was approved on October 6 in the Senate. In short, the language provides the claws to prevent the reduction of pensions and that of future pensions touching, i.e. for civil servants who are active today in the government.

call him new daySenator Villavini reiterated that he would vote against the measure.

“My vote remains the same. I would be willing to vote in favor if the board amends the financial plan and its PDA is modified by claiming there is no requirement to cut pensions,” the senator said.

Likewise, Senator Matthias remains against it. He told this media that he would vote against any measure related to the council so that Act 3, which cut the pensions of a large number of public servants, including police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel, is not acted upon.

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Through the PPD, this medium has learned that Senators Ramon Ruiz and Ada Garcia are still against it. Last week, it featured a list of Famous People Against the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) in addition to Gretchen Howe, Migdalia Gonzalez and Robin Soto.

This port called them all, but none of them answered the calls.

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