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Rolando Castro attacks Jean Mance again and asks him to leave

Controlling wiretaps that have something to do with levels of espionage is extremely detrimental to the rule of law, but even worse when the ambassador takes charge. Rolando Castro, Minister of Labor mentioned in the first edition of Engel’s List.

Context: The US Embassy refuses to interfere in the struggle of new ideas

About the voice of new ideas

The official urged the Salvadoran Foreign Ministry to activate protocols “to deduce responsibilities in the diplomatic system,” referring to an audio recording he shared on Saturday. The official account of New Ideas.

In the audio recording, Roy Garcia is purportedly speaking with two New Ideas lawmakers to benefit lawmakers who are breaking up. According to New Ideas, Garcia “He introduces himself as the liaison officer at the US Embassy.”

The US Embassy clarified on Sunday that the voice speakers are not representatives of the US Embassy.

Castro responded that the recording was “clear” and that he requested the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office, and also suggested that the State Department activate “all protocols related to the Vienna Treaty”.

Castro Manes Tension: Engel’s List

Rolando Castro is mentioned in the list of corrupt and undemocratic actors handed over to the United States Congress by the State Department because it is authorized under Section 353 of the Enhanced Northern Triangle Settlement Act.

According to the State Department, Castro obstructed investigations into corruption and acted against democratic institutions or processes as part of his efforts to harm political opponents.

The case was a source of controversy between Castro and the embassy.

While Castro said the embassy assured him that his inclusion on Engel’s list was only due to “violations of human rights,” Mance explained the next day that it was “due to corruption and anti-democratic actions.”

Later, Castro accused Mance of “political activism” and asked, on Twitter, President Joe Biden, to change it.

In Engel’s list, current government officials are mentioned, as well as former Arena and FMLN officials, and businessmen such as Enrique Rais and Adolfo Salume.

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