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Record Michael Jordan Just Joined LeBron James


Both players share an NBA brand that no one else owns, proving that they are part of the best that has ever come across the league’s pitches.

Michael Jordan and LeBron James
© Getty ImagesMichael Jordan and LeBron James

LeBron James s Michael Jordan He will always share a private page on National Basketball Association (NBA), because they are always involved in the conversation about who is the best in the history of the league.

Many vote for ‘MJ’, others for ‘Bron’But the truth is that they are exceptional players who have done what they do in different generations, and they (were) part of the reason why so many fans go to stadiums or watch matches on TV.

Just to add another line to your personal logbook, the . file Los Angeles Lakers Jersey 6 You recently entered your name With ex-Chicago Bulls As the only ones with a specific record.

LeBron James is Michael Jordan

LeBron James He carried the California offensive weight against the Portland Trail Blazers in their win, 139-106. What is more, Join Michael Jordan (x3) as the only one to score a 40-point match without any turnovers, as reported by Statmuse, a portal dedicated to statistics.

In this commitment, ‘source Left on the floor of Arena productions 43 units, 4 assists and 14 rebounds In 29 minutes, the Lakers returned joy for a brief period after a series of losses.

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