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Randy steals the show and hits Reese first

St. PETERSBURG, FL – In October, Randy Arosarina shined again… and ran.

The Cuban became the first player to shoot at home and steal the plate in a post-season game, and the Tampa Bay Rays closed the Boston Red Sox 5-0 Thursday in the game that kicked off the MLS.

Arozarena, revelation last October, Run amazingly to the board In the seventh inning for the first playoff since Jackie Robinson did it for the Brooklyn Dodgers against Yogi Berra and the New York Yankees in the 1955 World Series, according to FS1 TV.

“I noticed that the pitcher wasn’t paying much attention to me. I took the opportunity and managed to take over the base,” said Arosarina. “This is the first time I have robbed the house.”

Rising star Shane McClanahan triumphed by five impressive rounds. Dominican Nelson Cruz Homeron shook, also by Tampa Bay.

The second game of the series with a maximum of five will take place on Friday. Chris Seal counts as Boston’s starter, and rookie faces Shane Baz.

Wonder Franco was the last to shine during a first-time playoff. The Dominicans achieved an RBI double that Arozarena, the fast-paced 2020 post-season superstar, tapped to score early and put the defending champions into a fast lead.

The 26-year-old is still considered a rookie despite his playoff record of 10 players and 29 games in 20 games a year ago, and his thrilling performance culminated in stealing the plate from Boston loyalist Josh Taylor to put the scoreboard at 5 -0 in seventh inning.

The last player to steal the home plate in any playoff game was Puerto Rican Javier Paez, who did so with the Chicago Cubs, in Game One of the National League Championship Series in 2016, against the Los Dodgers.

The loss went to Venezuelan left Eduardo Rodriguez, who was allowed to run twice and a pair of hits in the first and third innings, during which he walked with a pair.

For the Red Sox, Puerto Rican Enrique Hernandez 4-0 and Cristian Vazquez 4-0. Dominican Rafael Devers 4-1.

For Rai, Cuban Randy Arosarina 2-1, three runs, one produced, and Yandy Diaz 3-1, one RBI. Dominican Wanderer Franco 4-2, one record, one RBI; Nelson Cruz 4-1, one record, one RBI, Manuel Margo 2-0.

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