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Qatar 2022 will not host Italy or Portugal; The great teams that were excluded from the World Cup

Will not participate in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Italy or Portugal With both teams on the same side in the UEFA qualifying draw. The last representatives of the ancient continent will be known until March 29.

Because of the possibility that Cristiano Ronaldo Not in the upcoming winter exhibition for the first time in history or that the current European champion will miss the World Cup for the second time in a row, ESPN Digital It invites you to remember the most important teams that were excluded from the World Cup.

Before that World Cup in Sweden 1958, Spain He starred in one of the biggest disappointments of not qualifying for top soccer party. I had the Iberian group Alfredo Di Stefano, who is considered one of the greatest football stars in the world, but La Roja fell by the wayside.

In the England World Cup 1966, The “mechanical orange” The great absentee was four years later, in a duel Mexico 1970And Dutch He will come out again like the Argentine teams and Portugal. Argentina were one of the biggest failures in the South American qualifying rounds, while Portugal were also eliminated despite having to. Eusebio Like his great personality.

employment Germany 1974And England They were the next big band to execute Globalism After not harvesting a good performance in their tie. however, England He wasn’t the only important team left without him Globalism, on condition France And Portugal They also failed to qualify. Mexico He also did not participate in the competition.

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Four years later, in Argentina 1978, The England national team I’ll be back in a new failure by not attending Globalism. Portugal It also did not participate and gave Uruguay the negative surprise on the part of the CONMEBOL teams.

In the World Cup Spain 1982, once again Dutch It was the great absentee, while the Aztec fans also suffered because of the gathering tricolor It was off the show as well Portugal and Uruguay.

Unbelievable as it may seem, “mechanical orange” Failed to participate in 1986 World Cup in Mexico And it again became the most important team that missed out on the competition.

In Italy 90 and Mexico He starred in one of football’s most controversial cases due to the infamous “cachirules” affair, which spurred FIFA will be disqualified. In the same way, Portugal and France They were knocked out of the show due to poor performance in the tie.

The 1994 USA World Cup He was left without several high-level teams by not relying on the presence of France, England and Uruguay.

in France 1998, Uruguay were again disqualified, but the big disappointment was PortugalA team of quality players Louis Figo Roy Costa And Joao Pinto.

In Korea/Japan 2002, Netherlands Surprised he couldn’t get a permit Globalism After conquering millions of fans because of the football he showed in an exhibition France Four years ago this made it one of the leading teams.

In Germany 2006, Uruguay He became the biggest absentee after failing to beat Australia in the play-off.

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In South Africa 2010The most important teams succeeded in qualifying, but the fans were left without seeing quality numbers Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) and Andrey Shevchenko (Ukraine).

in Russia 2018The fans did not enjoy the American Championship, Chile, one of the giants of CONCACAF in the United States, and again Holland and Italy.

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