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Puerto Rico’s COVID-19 positivity rate reaches 25.65%

Positive rate COVID-19 It reached 25.65% today, Wednesday, which means an increase of three percentage points from yesterday’s percentage.

According to the vital portal of the Ministry of Health, the positivity rate increased by 23.39 percentage points in a three-week period, when looking at the 2.26% figure that was reported in this line last Wednesday, December 8.

The term “positivity rate” refers to the calculation between the number of tests performed and positive results by a molecular PCR test, which confirms infection with SARS-CoV-2, in this case. Statistics are used to measure the level of transmission of the virus.

On the other hand, health reported Three new deaths COVID-19 result, which is a number that makes the cumulative sum in this line 3295.

According to the agency, three women died, and only two were vaccinated, although all of them had pre-existing diseases. The ages of the females were 64, 78, and 83 years. Deaths were recorded on December 23 (2) and December 27 (1).

What is more, Health reported that the number of people hospitalized with the virus rose to 307, which translates to 41 more patients than yesterday. Of the total hospitalized, 223 are adults and 84 are minors.

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Of the total number of adults in hospitals, There are 24 adults in intensive care, 13 of whom are on a ventilator. In addition, a minor is in intensive care.

The global number of hospitalizations reported by the agency today represents the highest number recorded in the field since last September 13 when the number was 341, according to the Harvard Biostatistics Professor Data Portal, Rafael Irizari.

Meanwhile, the President of the College of Surgeons announced, that the number of minors hospitalized due to COVID-19 is one of the highest rates recorded since the start of the emergency, Victor Ramos Otero.

“In the entire epidemic, I have not been hospitalized or seen as many patients in the emergency room. The increase has been dramatic. At the outpatient level, there has been a significant increase. There have not been as many children in hospitals as there are now”Ramos Otero stated in a radio interview (Radio Isla 1320 AM).

In response to a question about the symptoms that appear on minors, the doctor explained that previously pediatric patients were admitted due to dehydration after not eating them while they were infected with COVID-19, but this time due to the increase in cases of the variant omicron, emphasized that minors present a new clinical picture.

The virus in children is usually milder than in adults, but this time it is more severe. This time I have noticed an increase in the number of children with asthma or bronchitis associated with COVID-19. Others have a combination of COVID-19 and the flu. This further complicates matters.”

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On the other hand, the The average confirmed cases were 1,791 The average number of possible cases 3,025.

regarding vaccination, In Puerto Rico, 2757,797 appropriate subjects aged 5 years or older (89.6%) were vaccinated with at least one dose. who are they, 2,461,890 Person fully vaccinated (80%). In the population aged 5 to 11 years, 101,251 doses were administered.

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