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PREPA announces a possible “interruption of service” due to an AES module failure

The Electric Power Authority The (AEE) announced on Sunday afternoon that starting at 6:00 p.m. “interruptions to service” may occur due to a failure in the AES module.

The second unit went out of service around 1:22 a.m. “due to technical issues”.

According to the public institution, the crash caused the expected generation to be unavailable to meet expectations of maximum demand this afternoon.

To the extent this deficiency is corrected, there is a possibility that the Energy Control Center will activate an outage program during the maximum demand period. From 6:00 pm, if necessary, explained PREPA in written statements posted on its Twitter account.

PREPA’s technical staff are working at Unit 3 of the Palo Seco plant, in Toa Baja, to synchronize the electrical system and remedy this shortfall.

The projected maximum demand is 2,423 MW and the integrated capacity available for the generation system is 2,275 MW. According to forecasts, the shortfall at the time of maximum demand will be 148 MW,” adds the press release.

At the end of September, the sargassum event caused the system to leave Generation unit 1 of the Aguirre plant. After that, a breakdown occurred in Unit 3 of the Palo Seco factory. This has affected more than 250,000 subscribers with the limited power generation.

At that time, algae blocked a water suction pipe used for cooling, causing a generating unit at the Aguirre plant to spit out.

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PREPA CEO, Jose Colon new day last october 27 The system is “more stable” than it was in August and September, so He predicted that “there will be no problems” to meet demand in November, December and January.

But he explained that they monitored the work of the generating units, as they could be subjected to “unexpected failures” and generate Blackouts.

Likewise, the ruler Pedro Pierluisi He spoke about this on November 21 at the conclusion of a conference New Progressive Party.

“The power outage is over.”, He said.

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