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Portugal – Serbia (1-2): goals | Send Cristiano Ronaldo to the play-off

In a game full of tension, . is chosen Serbia Stamp your ticket to World Cup Qatar 2022, after a dramatic 2-1 victory over the national team Portugal, who will have to search for his ticket to the World Cup qualifiers.

The Portuguese were seconds away from going straight to GlobalismHowever, in the center already at the end of the 90 minutes, the visitors found the goal with which they got the three points and lead the first set in UEFA Qualifiers.

It was all fun for the locals at first, because Renato Sanchez Recording opened when the clock had not reached the second minute. A mistake in the departure of the Serbian defense opened the doors for the local team to move forward on the scoreboard.

It seemed like it would be a quiet day for those he’s leading Fernando Santos, but the fault of the archer Roy Patricio In the 33rd minute, the Serbs were allowed to equalize the score when Portugal He was controlling the game.

archer Rome He was unable to hold the ball, after a shot from Dusan Tadic. Although he arrived on time to save the ball, it slipped from his hands and landed in his goal.

Balkans back

In the supplementary part Serbia He went on offense in search of the winning goal, while the locals sought to end the duel on counterattacks, a formula that did not work for him, as they had fewer dangerous arrivals than in the first half.

When it’s 90 minutes to the end, in a cross on the right wing TadicThe Serbian national team found the winning goal after a minute header from Alexander MitrovichWho entered the change for the second part.

Although five minutes have been added, time is no longer available for the Portuguese, who will have to find their place in the next World Cup qualifiers, the example they are also Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Wales, Scotland, Turkey, Russia, Poland, North Macedonia.

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