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PNP Board of Directors Builds on Its Rejection to Candidacy of Gabriel Sicardó for Mayor of Cataño

guide New Progressive Party The (National Progressive Party) agreed this morning by 27 votes, with three abstentions and two abstentions from the document on the basis of which the sect’s opposition to the nomination of the President of the Republic was rejected. Gabriel Cicardo Ocasio As a candidate for mayor Katano.

The Board of Directors consists of 40 members.

Sicardó Ocasio has not responded to the decision, but he has five days to appear before Judge Rebecca de Leon Ríos.

“The council voted in the best interests of the party. The final decision is that attorney Sicardo Ocasio does not have an image and career devoid of serious questioning, so his candidacy was rejected. Because there was only one candidate, the governor and PNP Chairman, Pedro Pierluisi, said in written statements, They will continue their certification procedures, and if so, they will take an oath.”

Among the reasons explained in the document for the disqualification of candidate Sicardó, his interference in the contracts awarded by the municipality to the company referred to in the federal investigation, his performance in command of the Legal and Public Affairs Department and the process of his appointment to the Vice Mayor of Cattaneo.

The decision places Julio Alicia as the only PNP candidate for mayor of Cattaneo. Subject to the resolution of the case pending before the courts, Mr. Alicia is now awaiting ratification.

By the decision of the Board of Directors, Julio Alicia, the other candidate for the position, was also sent a certificate indicating that he was the only candidate. The State Election Commission (CEE) has also been notified of the process.

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“Now it depends on what the EEC President and the Secretary of State testify. This corresponds to them and to carry out this process, a notification has already been sent,” said PNP Undersecretary, Gabriel Rodriguez Aguilo.

It remains to be seen whether the EEC leadership will swear in Alesia as the new mayor or will wait for the process to end in court.

In the document he had access to new daySicardó Ocasio was told that his income in the years 2014 to 2016 did not correspond to income earned in other years. The board candidate indicated that he was a full-time law student in 2014 and was working part-time in 2015 and 2016.

The document states that “the difference between their income for those years raises questions that the council has not satisfactorily addressed.”

When the candidate evaluation committee Sicardó Ocasio first confronted about the issue, the candidate noted that in 2014 he was a full-time student until June, when he graduated from law. Until November of that year, she wasn’t working to prepare for the re-verification exam, and in that month and into May 2015, she worked part-time at various stores. During the remainder of 2015, he worked for the Koribants Theater Company. Already in 2016 he earned an income as a lawyer, a notary and worked as an actor.

También en atención a otro cuestionamiento, Sicardó Ocasio indicó que no solicitó una dispensa de la Oficina de Ética Gubernamental en el 2016 para generar ingresos como abogado siendo empleado del gobierno municipal, pero sí sí señalro de laboro en síñó de laboro Leisure.

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In the letter, he is accused of having recommended hiring JR Asphalt, whose owner is implicated in a corruption scheme involving the former mayor of Catano, Felix Delgado. Sicardó Ocasio argued that his assessment was limited to compliance with the auction board’s decision, and the drafting of contractual clauses, and although he recommended signing the agreement, it was “according to documents provided by the municipal auction board”.

“It remains a matter of grave concern that the contract, as it is widely known, is the subject of a criminal proceeding in Federal Court, whereby the former Mayor of the Municipality of Cattaneo has pleaded guilty, of his recommendation as a civil servant to said City Council,” maintains PNP evidence.

Another mistake Sicardó Ocasio has been accused of is signing the contract with Bou Maintenance Service Corporation in March 2021 while working as Director of Legal and Public Affairs.

As a result of that contract, Delgado “received transportation services in a luxury Cadillac Escalade, at $4,500 per month,” says the document in which the board concluded that these expenses were exorbitant. and unnecessary

“I have certified that this contract complies with all requirements of applicable law and regulations,” the Board of Directors said. “Their actions do not reflect the proper public administration to which the New Progressive Party aspires to the candidates who represent our insignia on the ballot.”

In a request for information dated December 9 from the candidate evaluation committee, no question about the Bou Maintenance contract or the controversial bus rental was included. Sicardó Ocasio confirmed that when the contract with Waste Collection was signed, for federal convict Oscar Santamaria, he was working as secretary to the municipal legislature.

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Sicardó Ocasio served as Director of the Legal Department from July 1, 2019 until he became Deputy Mayor and then Provisional Mayor.

The PNP board also objected to the way Sicardó Ocasio was appointed, first as deputy mayor of Cataño since this was done with the aim of becoming the direct successor to Delgado, who submitted his resignation after the municipal legislature confirmed his appointment as deputy mayor.

PNP reminded Sicardo Ocasio that the municipal government already had a vice mayor, but was replaced before Delgado formally tendered her resignation but after the former elected official signed his agreement to plead guilty at the federal level.

“The manner in which this process has been carried out, and in which you have participated in your admission to the position of Deputy Mayor, does not reflect the sound public administration to which the PNP Applicant Program aspires”Read the document.

According to the PNP, its own bylaws give the Board of Directors the power to make the final decision, including recommendations made by the Candidate Evaluation Committee, which endorsed Sicardó Ocasio’s nomination. That same regulation states that a party may disqualify a candidate who does not comply with the PNP regulations, a document that states that any candidate for public office must have an impeccable public image “subject to the rigors of public scrutiny.”

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