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Pitbull Cruz’s reaction to Canelo Alvarez’s message


Isaac Cruz expressed his feelings after the message of support that Sael Canelo Alvarez sent him before his fight against Gervonta Davis.

Pitbull Cruz's reaction to Canelo Alvarez's message
Pitbull Cruz’s reaction to Canelo Alvarez’s message

that it Sunday December 5at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Mexico Isaac Cruz You will face the most important battle of your career when you face it Jerfonta Davis He is looking to snatch his usual IBF lightweight world title.

Pitbull took over two weeks ago to replace Rolando Romero, who would have become the original contender for the belt he carries, but since then show time They decided to get off the billboard as a result of a complaint of sexual assault against a woman that was filed against him.

A few days ago, when he was finalizing the details of his preparations, Cruz received a message from Saúl El Canelo ÁlvarezThe new undisputed world champion in the super middleweight division, Cheer for him to fight this Sunday I wish him to be able to soon become the new Mexican world champion.

In his recent comments to the press, who are already in Los Angeles, The Pitbull expressed his feelings after this show of interest in today’s best British pound. “I feel very motivated. This message motivates me even more to do my best and give Mexico a new world champion.”.

In addition, Isaac Cruz has entered the debate among those who want to deprive the Guadalajara multi-champion of the privilege of being the best fighter in the world. “Canillo is now the best, although many find it hard to accept. I’d like to see them do everything he did”, pointed out.

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