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Paris Archbishop resigns over alleged intimate relationship

(CNN) – The Vatican announced in a statement, Thursday, the Pope’s acceptance of the resignation of Michel Aupetit as Archbishop of Paris. His resignation comes after French media reported that he had established a consensual “intimate relationship” with a woman.

“Of course, I am deeply disturbed by the attacks to which I have been subjected,” Archbishop Aupetit said so far in a statement issued after learning of the Pope’s decision.

“I apologize to those who may have been injured and assure everyone of my deep friendship and prayers, which will always be yours,” he added.

The decision comes about a week after French magazine Le Point reported on November 22 that Aupetit was having an “intimate relationship” with a woman.

In 2012, a love email was accidentally sent to his secretary while he was still the attorney general of Paris, exposing the affair, according to Le Point.

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