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Orbelín Pineda goes to Spain debt free in Cruz Azul

Mexico City /

Urbelin Pineda Tonight travel to Spain To attend with his new team after his departure from Cruz Azul. The player explained that his exit from the Heavenly Club was through the front door and now he will take over European adventure with the Celta Vigo.

“I’m fine. I left a star on the shield and walked out the front door. I have no religion for anyoneNo teammates, no coaching staff, no direction, and now I’ve had a great experience.

The Mexican soccer player will report with Chacho Coudet and Will meet again with Nestor Araujo, who knows him from the Mexican national team.

is being Beautiful stage. You have to make the most of it.”.

It should be noted that Pineda Leave as a free player Having not reached an agreement with the Cement Board for a summer renovation, he begins to analyze his options and At the end of this year he signed with Celta To fulfill the European dream after going through Querétaro, Chivas and the machine he was crowned with at Guard1anes 2021.

He indicated that one day he would return to Cruz Azul

In an interview with TUDN, the Mexican Say goodbye to the heavenly fans in an emotional way. In fact, in the conversation he confirmed it one day Will be back with the cement groupwho joined their ranks in 2019.

Now I have another country and another culture, I hope to participate as soon as possible. Life is made for it, to keep celebrating everything you do. “(…) It’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon“.

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