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Official: CONCACAF will play the fourth-place play-off for the World Cup in Qatar against the representative of Oceania – Ten

The qualifiers have been drawn World Cup Qatar 2022 And the selection that is located in fourth place from CONCACAF, you will encounter an actor Oceania But in the way it will now be played as one side in a neutral venue.

The FIFA He made the draw and said the commitment to qualify for the maximum tournament will take place in June. According to the Spanish newspaper MARCA, the headquarters will likely be in Doha, Qatar, in preparation for what will be the World Cup.

Watch. This is the crossing of the equivalents in Europe

In the other appendix, the fifth representative of CONMEBOL You will encounter an actor Asia. It is not yet known who will be the countries that will take part in these events, but everything indicates that at the moment in CONCACAF, they will oppose it. PanamaOr Costa Rica, El Salvador or Honduras more remotely.

CONCACAF has three direct seats at the moment in the hands of Canada, the United States and Mexico, the three countries that are starting to hit hard in this first round; But then Talan’s crush comes as a surprise to Panama who in November managed to get a perfect mark in both matches, defeating Honduras and El Salvador.

Watch. This is the CONCACAF qualification table

In the South American qualifiers now, the fifth that appears is Peru, which is fighting hard with Chile, UruguayAnd Paraguay and even Bolivia to search for that half-square where he will face the Asian representative who does not know yet.

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In the last World Cup in Russia, the representative of CONCACAF, Honduras, faced in the play-off Australia Who plays in the AFC and qualified after a draw in San Pedro Sula and a win in Sydney. While in the other playoff, Peru eliminated New Zealand to return to the World Cup.

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