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New England v New York FC (2-2): Efrain Juarez and company pre-sanctions

New England Revolution came from behind twice for carry The Eastern Conference semi-finals until the series of penalties. , however, did not reach Best team of the season Regular 2021 from MLS, and was eliminated from 11 steps by New Yorkwhere the mexican Efrain Juarez works as a technical assistant De Rooney Dela.

The New York Boxes twice Advance on the scoreboard They beat themselves up. The second in a dramatic fashion is already at the hour over time It was on the verge of serious completion.

The Argentine striker, top scorer the bell Valentine Castellanos He was present on the scoreboard and opened a match that was 1-1 . draw before first 10 minutes However, he also became a villain, leaving his team with less than seven minutes to go. 30 additional minutes.

The Visitors They went forward in electronic with Great goal from Santiago Rodriguez, when the clock ticked barely three minutes. then head from Adam Boxa Inside the area in the ninth minute he matched the cards.

Although the Came with the sign of the victim, box New York He didn’t have a defensive stance against the season’s best attack, and he was brave Looking forward to offending the local team, which can only generate two shots for the competing tire.

The brave subordinate Visitors stayed Reflected in 60% of possession16 shots, four of them on goal. Two of these ended up in networks Arquero Matt ChampionshipssAnd they got a rating.

Castellanos appeared in minute 109 NS Make a big difference, And Four minutes later he was kicked out, Prompting the locals to go with everything forward, they will find The horrific equalizer 2-2 The Accurate 119 via Tajon Buchanan.

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already in series of penalties my players New York They spent it perfectly, while Buchanan, The The author 2-2 misses his shot This opens the window for the visitor Take the series from 11 steps 5 (2) – (2) 3.

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