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Manchester United vs. Atalanta – Match Report – 20 October 2021

(EFE) – Manchester United were against the ropes this Wednesday, when they went to rest and lost 0-2 at Old Trafford against Atalanta, but a superb appeal, with goals from England’s Marcus Rashford, Harry Maguire and Cristiano Ronaldo, with a header in the 81st minute, awarded the men’s Ole Gunnar Suskjaer secured a pivotal 3-2 win to take a solo lead in Group F.

It was Cristiano again, with the help of his compatriot Bruno Fernandes, who was responsible for saving Manchester United. After signing in the last moments of the match with Villarreal, the final goal 2-1, he appeared this Wednesday, ten minutes from the end, with a powerful header that earned the lead and punished Atalanta, who tasted the idea of ​​victory. Legendary stadium after an excellent first half.

Three days later, United lead the group with six points, two ahead of Atalanta and Villarreal, and three more than Young Boys, with whom the Red Devils lost on their first appearance, despite another goal from Cristiano, who has scored six points in eight games since his return. . to Old Trafford.

Without the injured Frenchman Raphael Varane, nor his compatriot Paul Pogba, who separated Solskjaer from the starting lineup, United pushed in the first half the largest organization for Atalanta, who jumped to Old Trafford with clear ideas and a desire to surprise.

United created a huge amount of chances, but did so through individual plays, particularly thanks to the imagination of Bruno Fernandes, while Atalanta did so with group strength.

Bergamo’s side broke the par with a superb play, as Slovenian Josip Ilicic fired a superb pass for Davide Zappacosta into the hole to pin the Italian’s low midfield that Pasalic tapped to beat De Gea.

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The Spaniard couldn’t do anything against Pasalic, nor against Demiral’s powerful header, which United’s defense had completely forgotten, in a corner kick that caused Atalanta to win 2-0.

United were on alert, but Solskjaer’s men managed to increase the level, and despite wasting two excellent chances on the brink of the first half, with Rashford and Fred, they managed to make a great comeback at the start of the second half, provided also the injury that forced Atalanta to replace Their defensive leader Demiral.

A pass from outside the right leg of Bruno Fernandes opened the way for Rashford 1-2, seven minutes into the second half, and United changed the stalemate completely.

Scotsman Scott McTominay shook the wood shortly thereafter and Argentine goalkeeper Juan Musso made three saves to block Cristiano and Bruno Fernandes’ shots, but Bergamo’s wall would collapse in the last quarter of an hour.

Maguire, after a cross from Bruno Fernandes, made it 2-2 in the 75th minute and Cristiano, in the 81st minute, headed in the final 3-1 after Luke Shaw’s cross.

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