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LUMA warns that power outages due to loading relays will last four hours

The Blackouts That affected hundreds of thousands of subscribers from Loma Energy During the past days, they will continue this week because the demand for electricity will remain greater than available generation.

This was mentioned by the private company in a written communication in which I expected it to be load relays The outages implemented by the company last four hours in each affected sector.

LUMA, responsible for operation and maintenance transmission and distribution system of electric power in Puerto Rico, he insisted, that electric power generation remains the responsibility of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and other private generators.

“When demand exceeds generation, available power sources are distributed throughout the system by load reduction, which involves sequentially disconnecting parts of the grid to relieve stress on a fragile power grid and ensure stable supply across the entire system,” the company said.


It was noted that maximum demand would exceed the available generation for the next few days, “until the Palo Seco and Aguirre units, which are currently out of service, are integrated into the generation fleet.”

Peak energy demand generally occurs in the late afternoon and at night, LUMA said, “However, the current generation is below the necessary levels that they are forced to carry out load shifts during daylight hours.”

company, boss Wayne Stinsby He refused the presence of journalists at La Fortaleza todayHe has been the target of endless criticism for his handling of the electrical system since taking charge last July.

“When load reduction becomes necessary, LUMA will post updates via its social media channels to keep customers informed of affected areas and expected times to restore service. Follow LUMA on Twitter @lumaenergypr and Facebooklumapuertorico for the latest updates,” the company said.

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