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LUMA reported power outages due to under-generation

LUMA Energy has announced the start of a new selective blackout for hours of the night in Puerto Rico.

The company responsible for the transmission and distribution of power, using its social networks, indicated that it was “restarting outages due to reduced generation capacity”.

The generation is being handled by the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), a company that has a new director, Josué Colón, after Efran Paredes submitted his resignation amid a massive power outage being reported on the island affecting hundreds of thousands of customers.

In addition, it was indicated yesterday that the former Secretary of the Department of Housing, Fernando Gil, took over the presidency of the Board of Directors of PREPA.

Currently, according to the company’s portal, there are just over 11 thousand customers without the service, and the Arecibo region is the most affected with more than 6 thousand subscribers.

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