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Lopez Gatell thinks of the possibility of a fourth wave of infection

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Hugo Lopez Gatell, stressed on Wednesday that while the coronavirus pandemic is still active, the possibility that Mexico will go through a fourth wave of infections is not ruled out.

The official cautioned that winter, as shown in several studies, could generate a rebound in new cases across the country.

“You have to have a clear mind that at all times there can be (a wave of infection). The virus, when the temperatures are low, it survives for a longer time. The cold season increases the likelihood of a rebound in any of the regions,” he told media from the National Palace. Respiratory viruses.

On the same day, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) confirmed that Mexico had not adhered to the required procedures for sanitary distancing and the use of face masks while commemorating Day of the Dead events, many of which are in the Pantheon and public squares.

This was stated by Dr. Sylvain Aldeguerre, Director of the Pan American Health Organization, at the press conference on Covid-19 in the Americas.

Al-Deghairi linked the holding of family and social events during the holidays to the vaccination levels in the country. “This is excellent news from the point of view of health, social, economic and mental well-being.” However, he disagrees with the lack of preventive measures.

The specialist warned of an emergency risk of infection with Covid cases during the winter season and the end of the year celebrations. “It leads to a potential acceleration of transmission from one person to another,” the PAHO official explained.

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The PAHO has requested that all preparedness and response mechanisms in the country be maintained.

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