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Lobelo Rivera shows his support for Chikes after Rosie and Juan Rivera are accused | Famous

What is more, Uncle Juan was accused of demanding $300,000 in payment For the work he has done for companies. On ‘Live’, the singer also refused that she and her four siblings (Jackie, Michael, Jenica and Johnny) should apologize to their uncles for asking for a review of their mother’s finances and their discovery of alleged mismanagement.

Lupillo Rivera sympathizes with Chiquis and his nephews

The strong and controversial message from Chikes Rivera was echoed by another of her uncles, Lubelo, who has publicly shown his support for her and her siblings.

you didn’t do anything wrong“And yes, your mother’s legacy is yours,” he wrote in the comments to her video.

I worked with you, nothing more,” El Toro del Corrido added, “You have every right to live on the name Jenny Rivera forever! “.

In addition, on this Thursday morning 6, the singer shared on his Instagram Stories a message from a Jenni Rivera fan account in which they thanked him for the solidarity he showed to the children of La Diva de la Banda.

Thank you Lupillo Rivera for not leaving your nephews alone. I know Jenny would be happy if they had your support,” the message reads by the translator.

Jenny Rivera’s kids have a lobello

Since last May, it became known that Johnny Lopez, the youngest son of Jenny Rivera, requested an audit of his mother’s companies, and Lobelo Rivera has shown his support for him and his siblings.

“My niece Cheeks and I are in touch They only have advice. today, “They are people who do not know much in life, because they grow up and away from each other, they grew up without a father and without a mother.”

The review split the family and even pushed the mother, Mrs. Rosa Saavedra, to come out to defend her daughter Rosie’s job at the helm of the company and to criticize her grandson Johnny’s position.

Lupillo is also separated from his brother Juan

Lobio Rivera’s supportive stance towards his nephews occurs in the midst of his feud with his brother Juan Rivera, whom Chieques referred to for demanding $300,000 for his work.

Regarding the differences between Lobelo and his brother, he said last July today That he “left everything in God’s hands”: “If you do something wrong, you already know it God will judge you“.

Only last December 29, in an interview with the program “Sale el sol”, Juan Rivera made it clear that there are no prospects for reconciliation between them.

“There is nothing, There is anger and resentmentHe said, “As for things that have already happened, but as I said: If my body respects me enough not to mention me or give me hints, there is no quarrel.”

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