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Live broadcast: Great game! Posts for each team in Real Madrid – Osasuna at the Bernabeu – ten

Welcome to the minute by minute match between Real Madrid and Osasuna at the Santiago Bernabeu.

80th minute:

79th minute: Ancelotti’s reaction .. Another shot from outside the penalty area by Toni Kroos without success.

74th minute: A clear chance for Osasuna in a free kick and Shimi heading close to Courtois’ goal.

68th minute: The triple change in the merengue squad: Hazard, Vazquez and Marcelo enter in favor of Asensio, Carvajal and Mendy.

64th minute: Real Madrid continues to chase the opponent, but Osasuna puts a strong foot forward and threatens to counterattack. The goal can determine the course of the match.

60th minute: After Real Madrid! A sensational cut by Karim Benzema removes the mark from over Osasuna’s midfield and hits the left side of the crossbar.

56th minute: Kroos continues to try from a distance, but does not succeed. The ball went wide of Herrera’s goal.

52nd minute: The Great Wall between Kroes and Benzema is within the region. The French shot hard, but the defense veered into the corner.

49th minute: Real Madrid saves from the first goal! Osasuna’s deadly counterattack with superb guidance from Chimy vila who clearly assisted Moncayola who finished off the post.

Start the plugin: Rodrygo instead of Camavinga enters the Merengue team.

45th minute: The first time ends And you can see the frustration in the white team. 0-0 in the first half and lead in the air.

42nd minute: The tables continue on the scoreboard. Real Madrid cannot create clear chances.

36th minute: Sweets Toni Kroos goalkeeper Herrera. The shot was from a distance.

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35th minute: ¡UYYYY! A corner kick for Osasuna rebounded from Kike García’s thigh and came close.

minute 32: Real continues to try. Camavinga’s long shot towards the red bow.

30th minute: Atagadon Herrera! Vinicius faces the inside and throws a string to the second post, which the goalkeeper sends to the striker. It would have been a great goal.

Minute 27: A reckless foul by Camavinga after blocking a counter-attack by Osasuna after an unremarkable foul against Casemiro.

minute 23: Vinicius is unbalanced inside the area with a massive turn, he serves the heart of the area, but Carvajal finishes the worst shot you will see today from the left side.

15th minute: Sudden error on Vinicius. Benzema collects it and the ball goes to the stands. It was the first shot on goal.

13th minute: Real Madrid’s possessions are long but they are not the same. The Reds got on the bus.

8th minute: At the moment, only seven complete passes from the visiting team.

minute 5: The whites control possession of the ball from side to side, but they do not generate chances in front of the withdrawn Osasuna.

1:30 PM: The match begins! Real Madrid is already playing against Osasuna an opportunity to assault the leadership.

12:56 pm: Players of both teams jump into the action field.

– formations –

real Madrid: Courtois. Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mindy; Casemiro, Croce, Camavinga; Vinicius, Marco Asensio and Benzema.

Osasuna: Sergio Herrera Vidal, Unai Garcia, David Garcia, Juan Cruz, Mano Sanchez; Moncayola, Torró, Javi Martínez; Shimi Avila and Kiki Garcia.

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Rule: Cesar Soto Grado

Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu

hour: 1:30 p.m. (HN).

With high spirits After winning the Clasico Sunday at Camp NouAnd real Madrid Today arrives in the 11th round of the Spanish League with the task of restoring the lead through a temporary contract for real community, which has a point and a game more than meringue (21), and Celta plays two hours before.

box Carlo Ancelotti They would welcome an uncomfortable visitor like Osasuna, who had a good start in the league with two units less than his opponent today.

With five signings: the brutal galaxy 11 that Real Madrid will have in the 2022-23 season

Led by the Spanish Jagoba Arrasate, the Pamplona team won three of the last four matches in the local championship, while the white team achieved, in addition to the victory over the white team. BarcelonaThey drew and lost in their previous duels, so they will seek to regain more confidence in The league.

The white team will be on the trident Marco Asensio And Vinicius Jr With the unstoppable Karim Benzema, who has nine goals in the same number of league matches. Luka Modric is the lowest at the last minute.

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