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Legislative leadership approves changes to draft debt amendment plan with intent to approve them in the Senate

Last night, the legislative leadership of the New Progressive Party (PNP) and the People’s Democratic Party signed a document in which they gathered new language for the Enabling Law (House of Representatives 1003) of debt settlement plan (PDA) with a view to getting its approval tomorrow Tuesday when the Senate meets.

The Senate session will be at 1:00 pm The National Progressive Party has 10 members of the Senate. At least 14 votes are required to pass a bill in that legislature.

Senate President Jose Luis Dalmau, in a phone interview with new day He was confident that there would be voices among the masses to approve the PDA.

“I didn’t count it, but I think so because those amendments were in the original Senate bill on October 6,” Dalmau said.

He revealed that he held a party conference last night with his delegation.

“What happens is we are testing. They (senators) want to see the final document and sign it and send it to them”commented.

However, he was cautious and did not dare to provide the names of the senators he understood might vote in favor of the measure.

The document is reserved by new dayAnd it has the signatures of the president of the chamber. Rafael “Tateto” Hernandez; The Speaker of the Senate, the Speaker of Parliament and the Alternate Speaker of the Senate, Thomas Rivera lover And Carmelo Rios, As well as Foreign Minister Omar Marrero.

The agreement is the product of a meeting yesterday in Dorado in which the language that should be included in the law was discussed and refined so that it could be approved in the Senate, the body that did not get the votes. Although Dalmau did not attend this meeting, the group later sought the signature of the Senate President.

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What are the changes?

The Article 603 on severability stipulated in Chamber Bill 1003 stating that “it states that severability in this article does not apply to section 605. It is the express and clear will of this legislature that the restructuring transactions and its mandates are not enforced. 103 201 and 301 if the suspensive clause to avoid any cut in the pensions of government employees in the amendment plan or the provisions of Article 104 of this law is left without effect or void or declared unconstitutional.”

In this way, lawmakers are seeking to placate the JSF and the courts so that they cannot alter or alter their desire not to cut government pensions. Doing so will invalidate or invalidate the PDA.

In addition, the language is placed in a file Article 104 of the Act on the Protection of Future Pensions for employees working today in the government and who are raising money for their final retirement.

“The Legislature hereby authorizes the issuance of General Obligation Bonds and JVCs subject to Board Deposit for confirmation by Title III Court of an amended plan repealing the monthly benefit adjustment as defined in the plan,” read the change.

In addition, it requires the law’s validity for the board of directors to submit this assertion to the Federal Court as part of the Promise Act.

Today, at 9:00 am, is the meeting called by the judge Laura Taylor Swain The government, the legislature, and the board of directors must let you know what happened to the PDA.

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